Elemtu Dairy Allotted Land


Elemtu Integrated Milk Industry, a share company established by some Oromia-based state enterprises and companies a few months ago, has been allotted 20 hectares of land from Oromia Regional Administration to erect a dairy plant at the cost of 30 million birr. Elemtu, which was officially established in January this year with a start-up capital of 40 million birr to participate in agricultural investment, has organized a ceremony to lay down a cornerstone on Tuesday, May 18 around Sululta town, 15km north of Addis Ababa in Finfine Special Zone on the future dairy site.

Elemtu was established by over 550 shareholders including Oromia Water Works Design and Supervision, Oromia Road Construction Enterprise and Oromia Seed Enterprise, all of them are regional administration bureaus, and Tumsa Endowment, Kiduse Gabriel Forest Development and Different Business, Oromia Coffee Production Union, Oromia Forest and Wild Enterprise, Oromia Cooperative Bank (OCB), Oromia Insurance Company (OIC) and Oromia International Bank. These are some of the major shareholders of the company. Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, general manger of Elemtu, told Capital his company also has a plan to process meat for local and export markets in the future. The share company is in negotiations with Oromia Agriculture and Rural Development Bureau to buy three poultry farms controlled by the bureau in Adele, Ambo and Nekempt.

According to Dr. Ahmed, in late 2011 the dairy plant will start production. He said the company is in talks with an Indian firm regarding them doing a complete construction of the dairy. The general manager said the meat plant will commence in 2011 after the completion of the dairy project.

The general manager said Elemtu is preparing to import veterinary medicines and equipment to distribute in the country, mainly in Oromia Regional State, which has the largest livestock population in the country. Currently, Elemtu board is chaired by Belachew Hurisa, livestock market and dairy expert, and Serkalem Assefa, vice chair and head of Oromia Auditor General, Hailu Worku (Dr, Eng) at Addis Ababa University are Brhanu Adenew (Dr) are some of the 11 board members, in addition OIC and OCB are members by their representatives.


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